breakfast-table1 You’ve arrived at the Café section and are probably wondering what’s on offer. Well, we’ve set up the Belvedere with electricity and a kettle – so as long as you fill the two litre plastic bottle with water from the kitchen in advance, you can have a cup of tea or coffee without a further worry. But it is Selfserve!

There should be tea bags, Nescafe and small milk cartons up there, so sit back, enjoy the scene, read a book or listen to some music. Oh yes and there are Café Belvedere mugs there too (Photo right).

But that’s not all you can get from this section, because this is mainly a virtual café. We reckoned that anyone coming to The Larches would want more than just walking, climbing or cycling every day. If you are interested in mountains and travel you might want to plan other places to visit and look at pictures in our Rooftops of the world gallery.

In the Rooftops Gallery you can discover the comforts of a yurt in the Gobi Desert (1800 m) and of a Cretan cantilevered toilet over a 200 metres drop; find out what the world’s highest Ice house (1800 m) looks like and where you can hunker down for the night in Africa’s highest frontier post (4400 m); learn how long it takes to build an Antarctic research hut (100m) and much more.

Sometimes you’ll want to source some good local food for cooking or try out a new recipe or go out for an evening meal or come back for a night’s stay in the area. Sometimes it rains or you want an easy day and would like to catch up on the news.

So for all these things we are building up examples of interesting local cafes, convenient B&Bs, good restaurants, where to buy healthy locally produced food and tasty recipes – all of which we can recommend; and a list of 18 newspapers and journals you can access on your laptop in the kitchen. Details are on the sidebar.